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Specialized dental clinic for dental implants.​


Designing an app to access information about Bicon Mexico, the dental services it offers, prices, profiles of professional dentists, and to book dental appointments at its 2 locations, in order to meet the primary user need of quick access to detailed information, efficient management of dental appointments, and personalized user profiles from their mobile phones.


UI Designer




Visual design · Prototyping · User flow · Interaction design · typography hierarchy · UI Kit

Dental Clinic Bicon

The problem

Customers were facing a lack of information about the dental clinic and dentists (their schedules, availability, and specialties), as well as difficulties in making, modifying, or rescheduling appointments. This caused confusion and frustration among users, resulting in a negative experience. They needed a mobile app that could display real-time information and synchronization for appointment management.

User persona

Creating a simple User Persona has helped me keep the main needs and frustrations of the users in mind. It has also allowed me to understand their motivations and start ideating possible solutions in the visual interface of this project. Since the dental company is targeted towards a middle to upper-class audience, including age range and demographic data in this User Persona has been useful to incorporate this aspect into the design.

User Flow

Establishing the user flow has been an essential step in understanding the decisions that the user makes and, consequently, the selection of main screens to create in this project. It has allowed me to anticipate possible obstacles and make adjustments to the app design. This flow visually depicts the actions that the user needs to take to complete a specific task, in this case, booking a dental appointment, which has helped me create a clear and coherent user experience.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Low-fidelity wireframes have allowed me to quickly ideate different design solutions. They have also helped me structure the layout of interface elements and identify usability issues in navigation, ensuring that the information architecture is coherent and intuitive.

UI Kit

Creating a design system for the Bicon mobile app project was crucial to ensure visual consistency in terms of colors, typography, icons, and user interface components used throughout the app. It also makes the app design scalable.
This project was the first iteration in creating this app, and it was essential to establish visual foundations for future improvements and implementations, allowing for the reuse of components and elements from the UI kit to save time and effort in the design process.

High Fidelity designs

It was essential for the client to visualize the app design in its most accurate version. For this reason, high-fidelity mockups were created to visually communicate the design proposal, including the use of colors, buttons, etc.
These mockups also allowed for evaluation and review of the design before implementation, helping to identify errors, particularly in terms of readability, through brief user testing to ensure logical and intuitive navigation.


The visual design of the Bicon dental clinic app has been a project with the primary objective of ensuring an optimal user experience. To achieve this, it was important to ensure the display of information about the clinics and professionals, as well as integration with the clinic’s appointment management system for booking and modifying appointments from mobile devices.

As part of the UX process, following a structured and user-centered approach has been crucial, keeping in mind the needs and motivations of the users. Additionally, to ensure a consistent visual style throughout the app, a simple Design System (UI Kit) has been created, which includes design elements such as colors, typography, icons, navigation elements, and UI components.

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